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"Alex, the tech, was so kind and knowledgeable. He came out on a Saturday in 100 temps and couldn't have been any nicer. He also arrived sooner than estimated!"
"We were notified 30 to 45 min after the request and he arrived 30 min after and fixed our a.c. thank you for your promptness."
"you ll come when you say you are coming."
"The work itself was done to my satisfaction. The issue was the lack of clean up not done. The floor had all kinds of particles that needed to be cleaned up, there was a..."
"Tom was efficient, careful of our house and belongings, and communicated well."
"Kim is awesome!! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Fixed our issue and had us up and running in no time. "
"The service tech was on point knows his stuff about AC"
"very professional and did an excellent job"
"Actual service was great. Technician was fast and knowledgeable. However, the parts required took 3 days to order and there was some confusion regarding what was covere..."
"The man who came for my inspection was professional and appeared to be thorough."
"Service technician was courte1 and efficien., "
"Indecisive answers to the problems and a final fix that worked after several tries but was way too expensive "
"Treated couteously and with respect. The technician was efficient and informative and very nice."
"The technician was very friendly and took the time to explain several things to me. In addition, he gave me some good tips"
"While the immediate problem was solved, we have concerns that the system may have suffered long-term damage, due to failure to provide the system with sufficient coolant ..."
"Isaac was very thorough, friendly and on time."
"Fast, courteous, expert"
"Clean, courteous, capable technician"
"He did a good job of checking everything. But nobody is perfect. They didn't bring a new filter that was asked to do. Still have not gotten the fillter that I paid for. T..."
"Technician was terrible. Terrible communication skills. Very offensive from the start. Came in with a chip on his shoulder. Wouldn't tell me what he was doing or explain ..."
"felt like it was also a sales trip besides checking air conditioner"
"Your Service Agent was thoroughly acquainted with both units and methodically serviced each unit (inside & out)"
"Response to problem was next day. Problem fixed."
"Glen took the time to explain things to me in terms I could understand."
"Techs Isaac - and later Darin - were both great. Courteous and efficient."
"Glen was very professional, really knew what he was doing and took care to clean up and make as little mess as possible"
"They were thorough in checking the AC"
"Justin was a thorough professional."
"The technician redirexted some vents at my request and others he thought would help the distribution of the air flow n the house. He also serviced the unit and it even c..."
"I would give your service technician for this call (and other calls) a 10. However, the front office, I would give a 1 or 2. My last normal service call, despite asking..."
"Quick response"
"The technician was very knowledgeable, helpful & professional."
"The technician was friendly and very thorough. He helped us make a decision about purchasing a new unit rather than waiting another year. He also gave us a fair price f..."
"Bryon was professional, courteous and answered all my questions about our AC units and maintenance."
"Billy was courteous ,displayed knowledge, performed the service in a very professional manner, answering all questions promptly."
"Tech was polite and answered questions."
"Original heating and cooling checkup was followed by another technician to turn the breaker back on (the one outside next to the unit) that the original technician forgot..."
"The technician spent more than adequate time checking out the system. He answered my questions completely "
"The tech explained everything he was ding and why."
"Excellent service. Efrain gave advice on AC maintenance and actions to remedy the problem. He was very thorough in his work to clean out our AC condensation drain and tes..."
"Service person was very cordial, explained what he did, and gave me tips for avoiding the same trouble in the future. I was very very pleased. He came within the timefram..."
"The technician you sent was absolutely wonderful!! He answered and did a very thorough job. So courteous. Again he was fabulous. Give him a raise!"
"The first service call regarding the AC not working (low Freon type gas) was fine. The follow up service call to find the leak was okay, but resulted in a condensation le..."
"Kevin was very courteous and vigilant about cleaning the drain clog! I'm so appreciative of his work!"
"Darin showed up at the designated time, was courteous, efficient and took the time to explain what he was doing. "
" Very nice, professional , organized, efficient, knowledgeable. "
"was not able to complete the assignment. He needed to go to the shop for a part and was not able to give a return date for completion."
"Brian was prompt and very friendly and not only gave me tips on how to extend the life of my ac and furnace by showed me what to do and made sure I was comfortable doing ..."
"Service technician was great"
"Surveyed problem and offered best repair."
"Miguel personified professionalism. "
"My technician arrived even before his scheduled time. Billy was very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. Fast & efficient. "
"2 people came to the annual tune up. one was a trainee. why don't techs bring their own supplies. they asked if i had any vinegar to pour down the line. i thought what i..."
"Alex was very polite and knowledgeable. He was able to quickly diagnose and fix our AC issues, while being more than willing to answer all of my questions and concerns. "
"good and fast service"
"Darin was great, as usual. He even stopped my air intake grate from rattling!"
"he answered my questions "
"Very fast response. (Called around one p.m., app't set up for four p.m.)"
"Very professional, respectful"
"Very efficient, friendly and professional."
"Service person was knowledgeable and finished in minimal time, though he was very thorough checking out the system. "
"It was a tuneup and Darin came near the end of the scheduled time and finished the work promptly."
"Fallon on the gal who took my service request was warm, polite, and knowledgeable. You were able to respond to our need in less than 2 hours late in the afternoon on a Sa..."
"Service was prompt, and the technician expertly and quickly solved the malfunction. The Mr. Slim unit is now running quietly and smoothly, and it's doing its job -- cool..."
"He was on time, friendly and checked all 3 units."
"Detailed service and explanation Courtesy "
"The technician as well as his trainer appeared very incompetent. When the tech was reading the gauge to the trainer, he did not even look at the gauges. I was watching. T..."
"Greg diagnosed the leak problem right away, even though it was not an air conditioner problem."
"I like it when the guys give me the run-down of everything they did, but is didn't happen this time"
"The service was prompt. The service person was excellent and helpful."
"Excellent in every way. "
"He came out to the house on short notice. "
"The first technician did something to cause my air conditioner to ice up. This meant u was unable to use it on a day that was 100 degrees. The second technician determi..."
"Kevin was very professional and knowledgeable about my air conditioning unit. I found him to be honest and very kind. "
"Alex was punctual and very professional in his efforts and explaining what he did and how the problem could be resolved. "
"Darren answered all of my questions,took time to explain the maintenance agreements and put everything back the way it was."
"You made two trips to properly diagnosis the problem and had me spend $240 on a part that wouldn't have been purchased if properly diagnosed."
"Alex Rodriguez #46 always provides exceptional service. He recommends items that might need to be replaced for preventative maintenance. I request Alex whenever my servic..."
"Technician was quick, straightforward and very helpful. Helped me make the best-cost/best-value repair decision but also alerted me to future replacement technologies."
"They were very helpful."
"Never heard back "
"We were very dissatisfied with the dispatcher service. We have a medically disabled person in our household who is dependent upon air conditioning and were assured when w..."
"Service was excellent, but price was high."
"Salesperson (Moses) was either not knowledgeable or dishonest in the information provided. Also, he was the same person who bid the duct work repair last time and as it t..."
"Fixed the problem quickly"
"My tech was very good about calling back to his supervisor when the filter the other tech put in was not right."
"Technician was very knowledgable and took a lot of time to diagnose problem."
"Daren was prompt and did great work."
"Greg was friendly and efficient and explained what he was doing."
"you returned and put in a part that should had been brought out earlier"
"The serviceman was prompt, polite, and seemed knowledgeable."
"I took off work to meet the repairman for our AC around lunch time. He said the problem was a sensor on the unit inside the house. After adjusting it and turning on th..."
"The Service Tech was very professional, worked hard and explained all at the end of the service call...."
"I think that a bill of 564.00 for fixing a leak is somewhat excessive - even for AC work. The only item used was coolant. So a little over one hour of labor costs 564.0..."
"Strand employees are always very efficient & knowledge"
"We were very pleased with the service."
"Service Tech did a great Job"
"Good courteous service."
"The service was fine. But I've had to call a number of times about the billing when I received a serviceman at another location (913 E 38th). $76 still needs to be credit..."
"Fast reply, quick resolution of our problem, good advice. "
"Man was extremely helpful, pleasant. Added Freon and arranged for leak check this coming Wed."
"Diagnosed and took care of our ac concern."
"We called at 8am on Saturday. They told us we would have someone here by 6-8pm and maybe as soon as 4pm. We have a 4 month old and a 2 year old and the house was gettin..."
"I realized after the fact, he did not tell me whether my filter needed to be changed or not. Normally the technician does that."
"Courteous "
"Miguel is efficient, professional and customer0oriented."
"I was really happy with the technician in all phases. Since I started using Strand Brothers before Service Experts I have been contemplating switching to Stan's but do no..."
"Benji was totally thorough checking out our system. He also took the time to explain what needed to be done and why. His diligence and professionalism convincingly resu..."
"Good job, but it would have been nice for him to do a quick run-down on the service provided. "
"on time; did work carefuly"
"Greg was very polite. He addressed the problem and fixed it very quickly. He seemed very knowledgeable."
"Technician was professional, polite and answered all my questions ."
"Prompt service, fixed the problem, reasonable cost."
"The technician was prompt, courteous and knowlegable."
"Prompt and friendly service"
"Service was unintrusive, quick, courteous, and comprehensive. You really can't ask for more than that."
"The service itself was excellent, but it turned out to be much more expensive than expected. "
"Diagnosed and fixed the problem quickly."
"was courteous but was not able to give answers. Did,however provide possible reasons for odor in bathroom."
"He found the problem we were having."
"The tech diagnosed the problem and fixed my A/C within about 20 minutes. He was professional and friendly. "
"qualified and polite"
"Satisfied with the technician's work, but he did not have the right filters for my system and suggested I call and have them schedule a tech to come install the filters, ..."
"Immediate service on a Sunday afternoon. Amazing1"
"Banjo was terrific. Respectful, professional and knowledgeable. "
"Technician very courteous and explained his results."
"I was told I was a pound short of freon so I had to pay to have some added. I asked if this was covered under the 10-year warranty and was told, "No." My concerns are t..."
"Darin was very cheerful even though it was very hit in the attic He seemed to be focused on being sure he checked everything"
"Darin was schedules 12m-2pm and arrived almost exactly at noon. He spent a good amount of time inspecting in the house, the attic and outside. Unfortunately, he found se..."
"Darin was very conscientious and provided good feedback. He answered my questions and didn't try to mislead me."
"All good and on time"
"you inflated the price of a part 1100%....over retail....."
"Technician was good, but forgot to turn the service switch in the attic before he left. The temperature in the house rose to 82 degrees by the time someone else was sent ..."
"Excellent service by Alex at this and other appointments"
"On time, did the work quickly and efficiently."
"Technician was very thorough and friendly"
"1100% markup on a part is criminal.....$20.37 retail list price for capacitor titan pro traced charged me $ this even legal?"
"The two technicians who worked on our systems did an excellent job and were most professional."
"Would have rated is 0 our first tech who came for a tune-up ended up leaving us with a flooded floor and Miss diagnosed the problem. A week later the AC completely quit ..."
"The technician answered my questions and provided me direct answers. He worked effectively."
"Darin explained what was included in one year warranty inspection. Clearly explained any questions and answered questions. Thanks also for your prompt arrival!"
"Technician did not come in window they provided. He was a couple of hours later."
"Tech was very thorough and friendly."
"Over a period of four months, we have had Strand brothers come out to work on our AC unit because it was leaking water from upstairs onto the kitchen floor below. Every S..."
"Called svc experts at approx. 1 am and talked to a clerk. He said they're running a 24 hour operation. I thought that was correct. He said someone would call 15 min. b..."
"Justin's professionalism and helpfulness"
"Good, honest service"
"The technician was on time and was very polite and helpful."
"Did great work! ( I rarely give out a "10")"
"I really liked the second repair man (Billy) that came to fix my AC. He was super helpful and solved my problem. The first repair man only made things worse and created m..."
"efficient work"
"The checkup was thorough. "
"This process was drawn out by many months. The original pressure water (home/irrigation) valve was very expensive and placed above ground where it was soon hit by cars tw..."
"came out when scheduled and diagnosed the problem fairly quickly."
"Miguel was very thorough and had many helpful hints."
"Service was prompt and effective"
"The service technician arrived around 30 mins after our initial request. I am disabled and dependent on a dialysis machine so it was vital that I had a/c for my treatment..."
"Complete thorough and proactive maintenance."
"I am very satisfied with this service call, but I am not satisfied at all that it took three visits to get the drain line finally cleaned out to keep my system from short..."
"It was a late night call. Billy (I believe that is his name) worked very hard to find the source of the moisture in the AC closet. I called the office to commend him. ..."
"Techs are always friendly and helpful. Service is quick."
"Though it was a routine check, Miguel found an issue that previous technicians never mentioned. His supervisor made it right by us and Miguel fixed things."
"Answered all my questions and found simple solutions to my various issues to prevent further leak problems. "
"Because it is Thursday and we have no hot water. We had hot water before your guys did a service call and now no hot water, not a success"
"The technician was professional, courteous and efficient with my time. He was honest with me and helpful with his advice. "
"The technician was very nice and polite.He even put my little dog at ease. I gave a lower rating to question #6 because he was an hour early, which was very, very nice, b..."
"you were suppose to order a part for the air conditioner and it was never installed"
"The tech was very professional and did all work.... "
"Problem solved in one visit"
"The tech was a nice gentleman who was not familiar with my Air conditioner and he called his supervisor , Anthony, for help. Anthony was very knowledgeable and showed t..."
"Brian was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional."
"On time, very friendly, consummate professional."
"Good work"
"The technician was right on time, courteous, thorough, helpful and explained what he had done."
"Excellent plus professional"
"Fast, efficient, courteous."
"Responded quickly. Technician was quick and helpful. "
"on time and neat"
"Randy was very friendly and informative"
"The service was very good. However, I am still waiting on rebates from a unit I installed in December 2016 which were promised by the salesman when I agreed to install th..."
"Did not show up till 1155 did not call and was not aware I had dogs "
"Prompt service. Problem solved in a matter of hours."
"The Technician was professional, friendly and provided additional information about the care and operations of the cooling system. As usual the staff making the appointm..."
"Eric Lynch came in and did a fantastic job fixing the shower handle in our bathroom. The work was done efficiently and for a reasonable price."
"Darin was very polite, professional and explained things well."
"I really enjoyed my technician, so I took the time to write this. "
"The service guy worked efficiently. He was courteous, and there were no problems after he left."
"The technician was professional, polite and efficient. In addition to the maintenance he changed the filter, changed the batteries to the thermostat and updated the cl..."
"Good job checking both A/C's"
" Randy was timely,,very knowledgeable and personable. He went into en-dept explanation of what was checking,an ensuring I understood. I Hope that management/Schedule..."
"Brian was thorough and took the steps to make sure our system was in good shape. He was also very informative, telling me what I can do to keep our system in good shape...."
"Would have been a higher rating but technician was 30 minutes late to designated 2 hour arrival window. I did, however, receive a call in advance notifying me of the del..."
"He was professional, very courtesy. Reviewed all his findings when he was complete and informed me of additional services."
"Eric Lynch is great. He got the job done and saved me a lot of time."
"The technician arrived on time. He was professional, courteous and answered all of my questions."
"Most of the process was too easy."
"Alex the technician was very thorough and professional."
"A/C croaked at noon. Technicians arrived by 3:30, cold air by 4pm. Outstanding! Warranty honored!"
"Technician was very professional and conducted his work. "
"Technician did an excellent job finding the cause of a blown fuse that had been replaced the week before. He was knowledgeable and took the time to make sure problem was..."
"The technician was very knowledgeable and answered all my (many) questions."
"The technician himself was a very nice gentleman with very quiet personaltiy. The biggest problem was communication.... he didn't know how to communicate with a Deaf cl..."
"My unit did not work last night after being serviced and a part been replaced earlier that day. I called for service after hours, which I had also done two weeks before ..."
"Good service, thorough check. I also like Strand's letting us know the tech is en route. "
"Repair diagnosed the problem, informed us of the Repair requirements and quickly performed the repaid"
"The technician arrived early, was informative and professional, & completed the work in a timely fashion."
"Brian was very professional and did a thorough job."
"You did not service me because I don't live at that address and you have not updated your records as I have requested several times you should contact Mr Tamlyn for a ne..."
"this was a repeat visit because the tech on the previous visit was less than stela but on the subsequent visit by a different tech I was left feeling very satisfied. th..."
"Great experience!!!"
"Allan came in and turned the water on without asking what the problem was and water went every where on where we were trying to dry. He didn't seem to care that he did it..."
"Very quick and courteous and I trust the results."
"He was very professional and thoroughly answered my AC questions."
"Very helpful with advice and explanations. Very personable."
"My A/C unit has been losing refrigerant over time. The previous service tech added Freon but apparently failed to write it up. I have been told my warranty expires in A..."
"Prompt, courteous, thorough. Answered our questions and followed through with call back"
"Thought Brian was very knowledgable friendly and honest he did not try to oversell us and that was very refreshing"
"On time, polite, professional."
"Peter worked fast, seemed to know his job and was very friendly. Best of all, he said he couldn't find any problems with our unit."
"Peter is very good"
"The courtesy, thoroughness, and professionalism of the technician."
"We were finally able to get service out after 3 attempts. The first time was a no show and they explained that it was scheduling error and they would call us to set up a..."
"I was happy that a serviceman came the day I called--even on a holiday weekend."
"Exceeded all expectations."
"The technician spent a significant amount of time giving me advice on care for the system, explaining possible reasons why it was shutting off (backed up drain line?) and..."
"This last visit was NOT to service our AC system as much as it was to train a new employee. We feel that the service was not as complete as before. Too much time showi..."
"your co.has just made a customer for life... our ac broke over night and strand bros. was the only place that could come out and look at it, which you did and FIXED it th..."
"Friendly, helpful and professional technician. Was timely in showing up. Effective during service call."
"On time, technician new what he was doing. "
"Very friendly, thorough,explained everything in detail. "
"on time, professional, knowledgeable, efficient"
"Eric did a great job. He pointed out things that needed to be done. He finished the job in a reasonable amount of time. Because there were quite a few things that need..."
"Brian seemed to know his work very well. He told me the things he worked on and that was excellent customer service. He is a good ambassador of the Service Expert Company..."
"Very straight forward and went over all the options and truthful."
"performed as expected"
"Prompt, professional, proficient, polite."
"The service rep was at my house within 1 hour after my call requesting service."
"Charged me $138.00 in addition to the $89.00 service call for a 13.00 RETAIL part. Part didn't fix the problem. Said the problem was a motor. Business closed the next ..."
"very quick response to our call, we were informed at each phase of the service as to what was wrong, what was needed to fix it and when the parts and repairs would be com..."
"Knowledgeable Techs."
"the service tech was very friendly, informative and on time"
"Tech that came out, Ivan, quickly identified the problem. He was pleasant and realized how important it was to have our AC working. We were having laminate flooring put ..."
"thorough check up performed"
"Customer service!"
"On time, and friendly, kept me informed what he was doing and about how much longer he would be. "
"Tech arrived late in evening to repair non-functioning AC. Inside temp was >85 and climbing. He arrived. He diagnosed. He repaired."
"Your service technician, Jose, was very thorough, courteous and did not have to be asked to put on his cover booties (a pet peeve of my wife's)! He found the problem quic..."
"There was a mixup with the appointment system but he got the routine service performed and replaced a board under the warranty. Most of all he remembered the case of filt..."
"The gentleman who performed the check of my AC system seemed to be very knowledgeable of his duties. He also told me everything that he did before he left. "
"Nice & knowledgeable technician that was able to fix the problem in under 10 mins! "
"Tanner did a great job, explained what we needed and answered all questions we had. if we have any other issues i hope we get Tanner as our technician "
"Technician provided requested service and told me of issues with my system"
"Excellent communication skills and excellent persistence (went extra mile) by technician."
"Tech Mike very friendly and knowledgeable"
"Informative and knowledgeable"
"Arrived on time and preformed the services needed"
"Prompt service, Mr. Miller was very knowledgeable of both the work and policy. His manner was sure and polite. He was fast, and fixed the problem without delay. Justin..."
"Great customer service from scheduling personnel, to the service technician!"
"He really did a thorough check up and went over all of it with us so that we understood everything."
"Very Professional "
"Prompt, courteous, professional. Found the issue and fixed it. Very nice technician. "
"Timely, professional and friendly. (Props for being so patient with our daughter)"
"Tom is very knowledgeable and handled issues (my Vivant thermostat) very well."
"very thororough job done. a detailed analysis on system,,,, i hope the tune up was done too!!!!!"
"Explained the results of the system check in detail. Checked indoor filters."
"Polite and considerate and helpful and explained processes. Did excellent work. "
"Technician was very knowledgeable and courteous. "
"The technician arrived on time, knew what he was doing, gave me good advice, and worked around my dogs being in the house (though I think they made him nervous). He even..."
"He was fast and on time."
"Knowledge in their job performance "
"On time. Nothing broke. Filter changed."
"Results of problem was solved with kindness,courtesy and professionalism. "
"Alpha is very knowledgable and provides excellent customer service. "
"Great customer service...notification phone contact prior to the tech's arrival! Tech was thorough and informative!"
"Did not fix the issue"
"On time and performed service to expectations"
"on time. friendly service."
"Professional, diagnosed the issue promptly, good communication"
"Your prices have come down and are more in line with what other vendors charge"
"They the time and went the extra mile to solve the problem"
"Jose was very thorough and extremely polite. He put up with the fact that I was working, and did his job quietly, without supervision or disruption to my work day. He e..."
"Very professional "
"Technician was very professional druing his inspection and maintenance performance. I was impressed by the fact that he covered his shoes in my less than stellar house t..."
"On time and did the work"
"He had to come on a horrible night but was still very nice and helpful. "
"Dave went out of his way to check out my system. He did an excellent job. Thanks, Dave"
"Strand Brothers followed up with ME for my 6 month check up. I didn't not have to contact Strand Brothers. Thank you. "
"Technician very professional. Husband is not easily impressed and he said Jose did a good job."
"Tim was extremely courteous; and explained our issues very well. He provided a cost estimate and very good explanation of what was wrong. He provided multiple options, ..."
"On time and was very professional Explained to us what we needed to know and answered clearly regarding questions we had."
"Technician, Joe, was very helpful and informative as to what he did and options for our future. We also purchased an annual agreement due to his recommendation."
"Always show up on time. Very professional and friendly."
"Edgar was awesome! He was very thorough completing all the safety checks and gave us tips to maintain our system. Very professional and provided excellent customer servi..."