Low Humidity Could be Ruining These Areas of Your Home

Extreme humidity can be a bad thing, especially for hairdos, make-up, and even trying to breathe. But a deficiency of humidity in your home can actually be harmful to some details of your home’s interior. Take a look at a few things you may have within your home that insufficient humidity can damage over time.  

Wood Floors and Wood Furniture

When humidity increases and decreases it causes wood to swell and shrink, which could cause cracks and fragility in wood furniture. The expanding and shrinking also exacerbates warping or gaps in wood flooring. 


Yes – books require moisture to keep the pages from turning dry and delicate. The lack of moisture can also result in the ink flaking and the covers warping. On the other hand, too much moisture could result in the book pages sticking together permanently, discoloration, and even mold. 


Too little humidity produces static electricity which can affect the internal components of electronic equipment, such as your LED television, laptop, or even your beloved gaming console. 


Whether you are keeping a collection of wall art or stamps and photographs, make sure your home has well-balanced humidity all year long. Increasing and decreasing of humidity could cause postage stamps to become delicate and discolored and can even curl the corners on your photographs. Low humidity can also make the paint used to make wall art brittle or cause it to fracture. 


Are you a collector of wine? Or a player of the piano? Humidity a major concern for you, too. Insufficient humidity can cause the cork in a nice bottle of wine to split or shrink, potentially ruining your vino. Too little humidity may also cause pianos, guitars, and other fine instruments to be out-of-tune or end up with cracks in the wood. 

Curious if your home has the right balance of humidity? Call Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing today or schedule online for a complimentary in-home comfort analysis and make sure your air isn’t hurting your valuable home. 

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